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Adventures in Language and Reading  Summer Camp 2018

Exciting 1 or 2 week camps plant seeds for amazing academic growth in reading and study skills. Our experienced licensed educators ignite that spark within your student. For over 25 years, our curriculum has evolved to maximize your child's learning potential. 

Learning to Read  Ages 5-7
          Group by skill level 

Students focus on the decoding with some emphasis on comprehension. Group instruction is provided throughout the session with students pulled out for individual work at intervals throughout each camp day. Camps limited to groups of five.

 Cost of one-week camp: $250.00                                       Cost of two-week camp:  $400.00
 June 4-8        9:00-11:30                                                     June 4-15      9:00 - 11:30 

 June 18-22    1:00-3:30                                                      June 18-29    1:00 - 3:30 

     July 23 - 27   1:00-3:30                                                       July 23 - Aug 3   1:00 - 3:30

 Reading To Learn 
 Groups by grade/skill level

Students focus on reading comprehension with some emphasis on building reading fluency. Reading strategies are introduced and practiced. Home activities are provided for parents to help students practice newly learned skills after camp is over. Group and individual instruction provided each campus day. 

Cost of one-week camp: $250.00                         Cost of two-week camp:  $400.00
 June 4-8        9:00-11:30                                           June 4-15      9:00 - 11:30 

June 18-22    1:00-3:30                                            June 18-29    1:00 - 3:30 

    July 23 - 27   1:00-3:30                                             July 23 - Aug 3   1:00 - 3:30



  Study Skills

  Grades 5th-10th grouped by grade

A variety of strategies to improve note taking from lecture and text are presented and practiced. Each daily session will involve managing a day-timer that challenges students to document and plan for homework, tests, sports, etc. Practical experience is provided to ensure that these skills are automatic. Test taking skills are addressed. Take-home materials are provided. 

Cost of one-week camp: $250.00 

 June 11-15     1:00-3:30

August 6-10  9:00-11:30


   Written Language
       Grades 3rd-10th grouped by grade 

Students will address grade appropriate written language skills, from building strong sentences to writing powerful paragraphs and essays. For older students, summer reading requirements may be built into the program of expository writing. Proofing and editing will be addressed with all ages.

   Cost of one-week camp: $250.00

June 11-15          1:00-3:00

July 30- Aug 3   1:00-3:30



       Back to School Refresher  Grades 1-8 
       Grouped by grade

Campers who participated in sessions earlier in the summer will be invited back for this week to address carry-over of goals established in their initial camp experience. Each participant will address the areas of reading, writing, math and study skills... just in time to use them in school

 Cost of one-week camp: $250.00

 Aug. 6-10    9:00-11:30 or 1:00-3:3

Aug. 13-17   9:00-11:30




    Test Prep
      Grouped by Age and Test Preparation

Designed for students taking the ISEE or SAT/ACT, but will address general testing taking skills important to any standardized exam. (Also appropriate for students applying for the Duke TIP program). The initial day of camp will be devoted to test taking instructions, followed by a full length test on day two. Test responses will be scored and analyzed. Three remaining camp days will be spent shoring individual weaknesses in both language and math. Students taking this course will be invited to a complimentary post-camp test (TBA). Suitable for 5-11th grades. 

         Cost of one-week camp: $250.00     

July 23-27        9:00-11:30

       August 13-17   1:00-3:30



      Language of Math
       Grades 3-8th grouped by grade 

This unique Math program will use real life stories and applications to help students make sense of concepts such as proportions/ratios, central tendency, solving for unknowns, etc, in addition to building speed and accuracy with basic math facts (addition/subtraction, division, multiplication). Younger students (1st-3rd) will be introduced to story problems and critical math vocabulary. Students 3rd-8th will be exposed to more advanced math concepts with emphasis on understanding real life applications. Students grouped by grade.

         Cost of one-week camp: $250.00 

   July 9-13       9:00-11:30

   August 6-10   1:00-3:30




** These camps also offered at Good Shepherd Episcopal School. Please visit their website at


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